Year 8 Geography Dulwich Colours

Our Years 7 & 8 Dulwich Colours Humanities curriculum has seen some fascinating projects this term.  Designed to be a combination of experiences, research and investigation addressing key questions, and cross curricular working along with direct study to support the children in developing their skills and expertise, this is an exciting way to learn.

This term,  Year 8 have been exploring the “Geography of Crime” and developed many of their cross curricular skills. They have classified the categories of crimes, mapped and analysed locations of crime using police statistics, and looked at ideas for preventing crime through architecture and landscaping. They even investigated the crimes committed in Cranbrook. Here is some of the high level varied work that the children have produced.

Discussion about the challenges of rural crime: There are many challenges of crime in rural areas. In urban areas police can get there very quickly along main roads but in rural areas it is harder to access the crime scene as they are very isolated and the average response time for the police is 20 minutes in rural areas. Lots of thefts involve heavy machinery from buildings outside, possibly far away from the house so they are harder to track and there aren’t normally any witnesses and the majority of people won’t have CCTV, whereas lots of people in urban areas do. Fuel is also commonly stolen as it’s very expensive. Lastly, criminals often come from urban areas so they are hard to find as they disappear back to urban areas where is it very difficult to track them down and arrest them.                                     By Freja E

Who pays for shoplifting? Shoplifters steal things from shops on a daily basis. In response, the shop owner has to  hire security guards to stop theft from happening. The shop owner has to find money to pay for the stolen goods, and for the new security staff. Therefore, the shop owner charges more for the things it sells in order to keep making money. As a result, you pay more when you, the customer, go shopping.          By George Be

Are you surprised that Dulwich London has a higher crime rate to Dulwich Cranbrook – justify your answer. No, the difference between Dulwich Cranbrook and Dulwich London does not surprise me. London is a city, and Cranbrook is a rural town. Therefore, there is a higher population density in London, so more people to commit crimes, and also London is known to have a higher crime rate. Dulwich Cranbrook is a rural town with a lower population density. It is easier for police to track and catch criminals in rural areas.    By Ruby E

Suggest ways that drug smuggling in Afghanistan be more effectively controlled? I think that they could slow down the production of opium poppies by giving the Afghan farmers alternative seeds and fertiliser that would make them as much money as poppies. Also I think they need to police the border areas more, with an increased number of drug sniffer dogs and scanners for drugs being hidden in vehicles.          By Charles Aby Luke H