Year 6 visit to Canary Wharf

The Year 6 children had a wonderful visit to the Canary Wharf Estate. The Canary Wharf development started in the 1980s and throughout its entire development, its growth has been linked to expansion of the public transport network in London. The whole project makes a very interesting story about the growth of London and the regeneration of the East End which now includes the O2 and the Stratford Olympic site.

As part of their visit, the Year 6 children were given a tour of Wood Wharf which is currently under construction. They enjoyed wearing a hi-vis vest and a hard hat to wear for this part of the tour. They visited One Canada Square and admired the view from the boardroom. Thank you very much to all who organised such an exciting day out, as one Year 6 boy commented ‘The best school trip EVER!’