Year 5 Big Camp


Year 5 have enjoyed their two-day Big Camp in the school grounds. After pitching their tents they played Bush Bingo, searching the grounds for natural items beginning with certain letters; before a BBQ and some hilarious campfire entertainment in lieu of singing.  Each form provided a different take on proceedings, with 5C ensuring that poor Mr Collins got thoroughly soaked, whilst 5S saw Mr Sheridan showing off some funky dance moves.

The following day the children enjoyed a carousel of activities including Green Craft catapults, where they learnt how to fire a catapult safely; and  Straw Bridge Engineering Challenge, working as a team to build a bridge.

Art Attack, using natural and found items to create collages based on the work of artist Andy Goldworthy gave the children the opportunity to get creative in the woods, and there were some stunning results. 

Another popular activity is always the Walk of Trust, where the children must rely on their partner to guide them along the rope whilst they walk blindfold. 

The Camp was a brilliant way for the children to settle into life in Upper School, and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.