WOWFest 2019, a Week of Wonder

Dulwich WOWFest was a ten day period of excitement and a hive of activity across the school. WOWFest is designed to open the eyes of our children to life beyond school and the confines of the curriculum, and provide some real ‘wow’ moments. 

The whole school were involved in activities over WOWFest, including exciting trips away to Snowdon and the battlefields of France. From professional story tellers to circus skills via the Big Bug Show and ceramics there was something for everyone. The Wellbeing Tent provided welcome respite from the busy day, where children enjoyed chilling on beanbags, mindfulness colouring and playing cards. 

Nancy in Year 5 reports ‘WOWFest was filled with all sorts of fun activities like Taiko drumming, foraging, circus performing, shoe making, story telling, illustrating and to finish, we went for a walk to fundraise for Health Poverty Action followed by our flashmob. I really enjoyed the circus workshop, the equipment included a trapeze, ribbons, stilts, glass balls, hula hoops and flower strings.’

Imogen in Year 5 added ‘ My favourite part of WOWFest was the flashmob, it was so much fun dancing with my friends and raising money for a charity which helps families in Africa have shelter and food. WOWFest was so fun, and I was sad when it was over, but I am looking forward to next year.’