Winter Concert

A wonderful night at the Winter Concert. There truly was something for all musical tastes. Orchestra opened proceedings with a rousing ‘Halleluja Chorus’ from ‘Messiah’. We heard super performances from the Woodwind Ensemble, Stringcredibles, Senior Strings and Super Strings, Jazz Band and Rock School – a true reflection of the depth that is on offer from our Music Department. 

We enjoyed the premier performance from the latest edition to the line- up – our Jigs and Reels Club. They gave us two traditional American pieces with a nod to Thanksgiving in ‘Turkey in the Straw’

Soloists included Tom C on the Cello with ‘The Dance of the Blessed Spirits’ and Max D with ‘Boogalie-Woogalie’ on the flute. 

How wonderful to hear our Choirs in full force once again, and both Junior and Senior Chamber Choir joined together to round the evening off with Mika’s ‘Happy Ending.’

Feedback from our parent community has been overwhelming.

Last night was fabulous. I was so pleased that it went ahead and so great to see all the children perform after so long! There were many moments when I think I had something in my eye…

Thanks so much . That was all SO delightful . Thank you both so much for a completely happy time . We  loved every joy filled second.