The Exciting Cricket Season Ahead

In the PE & Games department, we aim to maximise the participation, progress and enjoyment of every individual’s experience of playing Cricket and as a result you will see some changes to the cricket being played in school this Summer Term. At all levels, we have a strong team of staff working with all our children, using a variety of formats in matches to ensure everyone is challenged within the right competitive environment, allowing them to play with confidence and spend the most time engaged in skill development.

In Games lessons and Clubs all children will have opportunities to:

– work with all specialist PE teachers.

– develop their skills in hard and soft ball cricket, where appropriate.

– develop their knowledge and experience of working with players of differing abilities.

Fixtures will provide all children with opportunities to:

– work as part of a team of competitive players.

– work with a variety of teachers and staff.

– experience different formats; length of innings, balls per over, batting format, to name a few!

– play with hard and soft balls, depending on a pupil’s needs, but also fitting the needs of our opposition.

We are excited about the individualised approach we are able to offer all our cricketers. We believe this will produce the most participation, progress and enjoyment as we look forward to enjoying this summer’s season of Cricket.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our approach further, please get in touch with me or one of the team.


Ian Collins

Acting Head of PE and Games