Summer Concert

Our Summer Concert saw performances from across the year groups and was a true reflection of the breadth and variety of music on offer at Dulwich. 

From Holst’s Mars performed by our Orchestra to Pachelbel’s Canon in D from our Stringcredibles group, there was no shortage of challenging material which was handled beautifully by the children. Whole year group choral pieces came from the Year 6 choir with ‘Just Like a Roman’, and the combined Junior and Senior Chamber Choirs gave us a rousing ‘Swing Low’ and ‘I Feel Good.’

There were some lovely solo piano performances including Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’ and the more contemporary ‘Lay me Down’ by Sam Smith. Year 3 wowed us with their very cool rendition of ‘Secret Agent’, complete with dark sunglasses. 

Brass Band brought a military air to proceedings with ‘Big Mac March’ and Jazz Band added laid back vibe with ‘Spiderman.’ The audience were delighted to hear an original piece written and performed by the members of Rock School , an incredibly impressive feat considering the age and experience of those involved. 

A truly inspirational evening of music, conducted by all in the spirit of encouragement and inclusivity.