School Council

The school council is a vibrant and passionate committee that fulfils an important role in our school community, giving our children the opportunity to formally and directly influence school life.

Upper School

Each form has an elected representative on the Upper School Council that meets 5 times a year to review current practices, recommend improvements and suggest new initiatives. Topics covered include clubs, equipment, facilities and fundraising. The meetings are chaired by Mrs Sarton and attended by the Assistant Head Pastoral, as well as two other staff members. Minutes are circulated via the iNet.

The children really enjoy the responsibility of putting across their peers’ views and develop a deeper understanding of how and why decisions are made.

Little Stream

The children are elected in a democratic way and take two wishes and a ‘thank you’ to the School Council Meeting. There are three meetings a year, chaired by Mrs Ansell, Deputy Head of Little Stream and minuted by the Little Stream Administrator.

The Little Stream playground was built entirely from the children’s good ideas and most reasonable requests are met, such as soup at every lunch-time through the winter months. We also encourage the children to be grateful for their lovely school by saying thank you for what they have already.