Peer to peer support

We believe children blossom when they are given responsibility, and flourish when they are happy and feel safe.


When you join the school, no matter what year, you have a buddy – a child in your year who will look after you, help you settle in, find your way around and make sure you feel welcome and wanted.


In Little Stream Year 4 are very proud mentors to Year 1, helping them with the transition from Nash House into the new school environment. Whilst in Year 3 they receive mentor training, learning how to be good mentors – not suffocating or overbearingly enthusiastic but just right!

Year 8 mentor Year 5, helping them transition from Little Stream up to Upper School. Year 5 can find the prospect of greater freedom and more space rather daunting so it is a role that Year 8 are encouraged to take very seriously. It is a joy to behold how quickly Year 5 gain confidence in their new surroundings under the watchful guidance of the Year 8.