Form teachers and tutors

Form teachers in Nash House and Little Stream know their children inside out and are responsible for tailoring learning resources to suit each child and, with the support of the Heads of Year, ensuring everyone in their care is thriving.

In Years 5 & 6 each child’s form teacher is responsible for their emotional well-being. Specialist teachers take responsibility for the academic development, with the Heads of Year responsible for the children’s overall pastoral care and transition between year groups.

In Year 7 two personal tutors are attached to each form and, together with the form teacher, they are responsible for the emotional and academic development of those children until the end of Year 8.

Each tutor has up to 9 tutees and they meet regularly as a group to discuss school life in general as well as emotional and academic issues. The children can see their tutor one-on-one as often as they like. A child’s tutor is their representative in staff meetings, their first port of call and the first person parents choose to contact.

We have robust transition meetings between staff and involving parents for children with individual needs and secure tracking through our database, so that information is not lost from year to year.

We do believe that pastoral care is the responsibility of all teachers and each week all members of staff meet to raise awareness of changing circumstance of children, e.g. parent unwell, and share insights, so all teachers are informed and fully able to support all children.