Message from Chair of Governors

Extracts from a letter to parents from Mrs Susanna Rynehart, Chair of Governors

27th March 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that you and your families are all well and staying safe and healthy.

I think we can all agree that the past few weeks have been extraordinarily difficult for everyone.  We have all had to learn to adjust to a massive change in our lives at home, at work and, of course, to a very different way of learning for the children.  On behalf of all the Governors, I want to thank you for your support, flexibility and understanding as we have transitioned to a programme of remote learning.  Our staff, children and parents have adapted and cooperated fully and enthusiastically with these necessary changes.  The feedback I have received so far indicates that, despite some initial teething problems, the move to remote learning has been implemented with a great deal of success and engagement.

I am certain that your children are missing their friends and their daily routines, but they should feel confident that the school and their teachers are still there for them.  I wish to reassure you that, should we need to, we will continue to provide remote teaching and learning for your children in a fun and interactive way and we are committed to making this an even more engaging and educational experience for the Summer Term.

…Although we are in a challenging period, I am confident that by continuing to work together and support each other, we will weather the storm and the school will emerge as strong and as vibrant as it is today.  On this journey, we will have all developed new skills, found new ways of learning and engaging with each other.  We will, without a doubt, be stronger, more adaptable and resilient.

We are here to support you and your children; we wish you and your family good health and hope that our very special community will be back together soon.