Inspirational assemblies

We have enjoyed some brilliant assemblies in the last couple of weeks – with 7B and Mr Bridges leading they way with their positive outlook on life. 

Are you a radiator or a drain? Radiators light up the room as they walk in, just being near a radiator you feel like a better person. Drains on the other hand suck fun out of situations, have a negative outlook on life, always looking for problems not solutions. So if you live life in positive terms, then positive things will happen. Always remember everyone is someone, so make connections, be helpful, engage with your peers and be happy!

What a great message, thank you 7B.

Last week Miss Squires told Years 4-8 about International Women’s Day. She explained the importance of both genders working together to achieve gender equality, and that they are the generation who can change things. She outlined some of the issues facing women globally. It was a very interesting morning.