Friends of Dulwich Half Term Bake Off

Half term saw Dulwich families cooking up a storm with our very own virtual Bake Off, organised by the Friends of Dulwich. Held over a Saturday afternoon, the mystery recipe was revealed to all those registered – French Fondant Fancies no less, oo la la!

Following the detailed recipe from start to finish was not easy, but everyone completed their own masterpieces within the time limit, and submitted their photos before the judges made their selection. The quality of bakes was extremely high, and we are pretty sure they tasted good too.

Congratulations to Lolleigh and Jasper who were our two winners, with special mentions to Anya for amazing icing colours and Jamie for great effort and cool variation.

Well done to everyone who entered, we had great fun!  And a big thank you to the Friends of Dulwich for the brilliant idea and organisation.