Dulwich celebrate IAPS iArt19 success

The Art Department are celebrating their fantastic success at this year’s IAPS iArt19 , a national competition open to all prep schools, which received hundreds of entries.  Three top awards have gone to our children, a truly fabulous achievement. 

Rosa L in Year 5 has been awarded 1st prize in the Years 5-6 category, for her stunning drawing of a bird, inspired by urban street artists from all over the world. In particular, a Belgium born artist called ROA whose identity has never been uncovered! Rosa developed observational drawings from the taxidermy birds in the Art room showing skills in recording their delicate feathery textures using pen and dippy ink. She worked on experimental papers to form a painterly background to capture the street art style. 

Jed W has won 1st prize in the Years 9-10 category, which is the year group above his actual age in Year 8. Jed’s art installation is a response to the topic on ‘Fragments’. Jed was inspired by the artists Leonardo de Vinci, Paul Jackson, Mark Powell and Nava Lubelski. He spent hours and hours working on a large-scale portrait of his Granddad using pen and ink drawing techniques; as well as producing a stunning acrylic painting of a skull and mixed-media drawings of the human brain and facial muscle structure. These were presented suspended together in layers as a final outcome.

Eve W in Year 1 has been Highly Commended in the Years 1-2 category. During Year 1’s topic on Knights and Princesses, Eve created this sweet fairy-tale inspired ceramic house for either creatures of the forest, pixies or fairies! Eve used white studio clay and built up a number of layers and textures on her work. After biscuit firing, the house was decorated with under-glazes and a top gloss glaze. Her house will join her classmates’ buildings in an outside, fairy-tale village which the children will create.