Daisy Pulls It Off

A fantastic week of performances of our Senior Play, Daisy Pulls It Off. Cast and crew have worked so hard over the last few weeks to pull the show together, which was hugely appreciated by the audience. 

An impoverished scholarship girl wins a prized place at posh Grangewood School but, beset by snobbish schemers and falsely accused of being a liar, a cheat and a sneak, it will be a tough challenge for Daisy Meredith to prove her worth. Jolly japes ensue: will Daisy’s brains, loyalty and general plucky decency win through; can she ‘pull it off’? As it turns out, Daisy has several talents up her sleeve – and some of them are terribly useful when it comes to cracking mysterious codes and finding hidden treasure…

Denise Deegan’s parody gently pokes fun at the jolly hockey sticks and dormitory japes of period boarding school fiction. Our cast of Years 7 & 8, who auditioned for their parts, brought the story to life, and the incredible set perfectly complemented the story. Very well done, all of you.