We seek to make sport fun and integral to daily life. We celebrate participation, enthusiasm, communication, team work and fair play, as well as the physical skills learnt for each sport.

Our Games teaching staff, from left to right:

Ms Liz Coleman – PE and Games Teacher 

Mrs Charlotte Greenwood – Head of Girls PE and Games

Mr Richard De Wet – Head of PE and Games

Mrs Jo Marlowe Barham – PE and Games Teacher

Mr Ian Collins – PE and Games Teacher, Outdoor Education Coordinator

Mr Tim Luck – Head of Little Stream PE and Games (maternity cover)

Every child has the opportunity to experience the pride of representing their school on the sports field. Our curriculum is as dynamic and as diverse as possible to inspire each child, from basketball and triathlon to water polo and windsurfing, as well as the traditional core sports: Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Lacrosse, Cross-Country, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming and Cricket. 

We strive for excellence in all our coaching, and in combination with our extensive facilities. We believe it is important to provide our children with the opportunity to compete locally, regionally and at a National level, and have currently several National age group winners across many disciplines including Triathlon, Swimming, Athletics & Cross-Country.

We have recently reflected on the future of sport across the education sector and beyond, and reviewed how Dulwich can best foster an active community in a relevant way.  The PE and Games department has a specific remit to encourage all children to find a sport they enjoy, and to broaden appeal we have expanded the offer available to them. This has started with opening up additional sports through the introduction of mixed gender teams in the younger years and we are already seeing a positive response from the children to the equal opportunities that are being afforded by mixed gender teams, providing the opportunity for everyone to play. Teams are now being defined by ability, rather than gender, enabling all children to play at a level that’s right for them. In response to the increasing appeal of Football (thank you, Lionesses), from Year 4 and above we have introduced girls’ Football fixtures. To facilitate this, we run girls’ Football clubs to maximise training opportunities.

We look to define what success in sport looks like by concentrating on key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development. We have an open dialogue with parents to ensure we are delivering on this for every child and the community as a whole. For the first time we have Sports Rep parents, who are invited to participate in PE lessons with their children, in order to understand the ethos which underpins how we teach the children, with a view to instilling a growth mindset.


Sports Maps

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For the Summer Term, click here for a map of our Cricket pitches.