“There is no such thing as right or wrong in art if it is executed with enough conviction!”


We want to inspire in our children a desire to explore and experiment, to delight in the communicative power of different media and discover for themselves the joy of mastering different techniques.

Watch a video of the stunning work produced by our Artists of the Week last year (2021/22) here.

All our children, including those in Nash House, have art lessons with our specialist teachers – instilling an early appreciation of art and a belief that they are all artists in their own right.

Our art rooms are happy, supportive and stimulating environments where children will learn about a vast array of techniques and materials from drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, ceramics, printing, photography and textiles. We combine creating art with the study of artists, designers and craftspeople, encouraging comparison and critical evaluation of our own and others’ work.

We want our children to be immensely proud of the creativity and quality of the work they produce so we exhibit as much of the art as we can around the school. Every week at least one child in Upper School is awarded ‘Artist of the Week’ for demonstrating real passion and understanding in their interpretation of a brief.  Their work is printed in our newsletter and displayed outside the Headmaster’s office.

Those children that reveal a real talent and passion for the subject are invited to join our scholarship programme from Year 7. Scholars attend additional art sessions, develop a personal portfolio, participate in Senior School art department workshops and have additional prep. We have held Year 8 Art Scholars Exhibitions in the Morrison Gallery.