Fees, which are due by the first day of each term, include lunches for full day pupils, and certain extras.  Tuition fees are normally payable by Direct Debit termly in advance. However, for pupils in Year 1 and above, parents may also choose to pay by monthly direct debit of four equal instalments for each school term with payments commencing on the first of August prior to the Autumn Term.   Details of the scheme may be obtained from the Bursary.  Fees per term from September 2020:

Nash House

(without Free Early Education)

Nursery5 mornings*£2,085
Full Day*£3,310
ReceptionFull Day**£3,945
Little StreamYear 1£4,090
Years 2 – 4£5,395
Upper School Years 5-6£6,350
Years 7-8£6,435
*Differential rates for flexible sessions available   **Differential rates for part-time attendance in the first term are available

Dulwich Prep School participates in the Free Early Education scheme for eligible 3 and 4 year olds. Childcare vouchers are accepted for all boarding and extended day care options.

 Early Years Funding Autumn 2020

Free 30 hours childcare information


Boarding Fees 

Regular Boarding (Booked termly in advance)from £29.50 per night
Occasional boarding£44.00 per night


Extended Day options 

Breakfast Club
7.15 am – 8.15 am
per session £4.75
Day Prep
4.00 – 5.30 pm
Years 5-8
per session no charge
Day Prep and Tea
until 6.00 pm
per session £4.75
Day Boarding
Prep, Tea and Boarding activity
until 8.00 pm
per session £14.00
After School Care Club
Little Stream and Nash House
until 5.30 pm
per session £8.45
After School Care Club and Tea
until 6.00 pm
Years 2 - 4
per session £13.20
Nash House Lunch and Playper session £10.30