“We nurture a deep sense of wonder and excitement in our children as they explore the marvels of science.”

Science asks some of the biggest questions there are, from the origins of life to the nature of the universe. It’s also incredibly good fun, with enough hands-on experiments to satisfy even the most incurably curious young minds.


As a first step we introduce them to the extraordinary rigour and beauty of the scientific method and critical thinking, giving them the mental tools to ask the right questions and solve the right problems. We ignite their imaginations, teaching them how to evaluate scientific evidence and interpret their findings, turning raw data into practical information with endless applications in real life. In the process we teach them how to clearly express even the most complex ideas using oral, visual and written communication, all of which are essential skills for young people who will go on to become leaders in today’s ever-changing society.

Many practical sessions start with an intriguing question. Our young scientists then carry out a series of fascinating experiments to find the information they need to reveal the answer. It’s a rigorous but incredibly pleasurable approach that closely follows the process used by actual scientists.

This combination of energising hands-on work and applied experimentation is just one of the reasons why science is such an enjoyable and well-loved topic at Dulwich Prep.