“Every child leaves us with musical memories that enrich their entire life.”

Music is a subject which touches on art, science and psychology to stimulate the mind and satisfy the soul. As well as being proven to enhance cognitive development, music helps children understand their emotions and express themselves, while developing confidence, teamwork and listening skills – all without seeming to. There really is no subject like it.

It’s no surprise that at Dulwich we place a huge emphasis on music, with all our children taught by a specialist music teacher from the very start of Nursery. The focus at this stage is on experiencing the magic of music through singing, listening and exploring different genres. 

In Little Stream all our children learn to sing in a choir, with performances every term to share their progress. Weekly recorder lessons begin in Year 2  providing a fun introduction to learning to read music notation. In Year 3 they can continue their musical  journey with the opportunity to start learning an instrument such as the violin, piano or guitar. 

We have a team of twenty specialist instrumental and vocal teachers, so all our musicians are well supported by truly talented educators. It’s also around this time that children start playing in an ensemble, which continues in Upper School.

We are delighted to say that Dulwich has plenty of opportunities for young musicians to express themselves and build their confidence in a supportive environment. They can choose between a full orchestra, choirs, smaller ensembles such as our Jazz Band and Percussion Group, and the raw power of our Rock School. Experiences are further enchanced by hands-on workshops such as songwriting and film music. We aim for every child to make musical memories to enrich their entire life. 

We’re all made of Stars from the Year 5 Showcase