“At the √ of Dulwich Mathematics is the ∞ hope of a +ve ‘x’- perience.” 

(At the root of Dulwich Mathematics is the infinite hope of a positive experience)

Mathematics is always relevant, ever present and incredibly influential. We use Maths in the playground, at home, out shopping, in the workplace – its everywhere! It helps us understand why things happen the way they do, and predict what might happen in the future. Yes, Mathematics really is at the heart of everything, which is why we seek to nurture in our children a passion and confidence in this extraordinary subject.

We enable our children to grasp the fundamentals, encourage them to take risks, experiment and explore concepts in a happy learning environment where they can experience mathematics in all its glorious forms – inside and outside the classroom.

Our mathematical journey starts in Nash House where children are supported in developing their understanding of Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy in a broad range of contexts. Children are encouraged to explore, enjoy, learn, practice and talk about their developing understanding.  We provide copious opportunities to practice and extend skills, to gain confidence and competence through the support of Abacus and Numicon.

As our children grow, so does their confidence and sense of mathematical achievement. In Little Stream and Upper School children use their learned knowledge and skills to solve more complex problems, generate new questions and make connections across other areas of learning. We give children the time and space to discover new mathematical ideas, concepts and language. It’s wonderful to see each child’s delight as they surpass their expectations.

By the time our children reach KS3, they are more than ready to start preparation for external exams for future schools – common entrance or scholarship. Our children analyse and communicate complex information and ideas, competently tackle a wide range of practical tasks, real life problems and exam style questions. And last but not least, we encourage children to develop a deep love and understanding of algebra, the true heart of Mathematical life.

As a department we feel that mathematics provides the means for creating new worlds to explore, and it is through this exploration that new mathematics is created and imaginative current ideas are modified and extended.