Design Technology


“Design Is Everywhere.”

Creativity and imagination are at the heart of Design and Technology. Children learn to design and make products that solve genuine, relevant problems within different contexts whilst considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

DT is a practical and valuable subject where children develop new technical and making skills and put their maths, science, computing and art talents to practical use with great effect. It’s a joy to see children take risks, become more resourceful, innovative and capable in the workshop. Children blossom as they grow in confidence and make aesthetic, moral, social and technical value judgements as they develop their designs and through the evaluation of the work of their fellow classmates.

All children in Year 4 onwards spend time in our Design Technology department. Year 4 enjoy a taster lesson (yes, they really enjoy it!) and from Year 5 to Year 8, children have a dedicated double lesson each week our workshop And it is in our well-equipped workshop, with both traditional and modern equipment including CAD/CAM, Dye Sublimation and 3D printers where the magic happens!

Children complete design projects from initial ideas, planning, design through to finished product. We mirror the approach used at GCSE but at a less demanding rate, seeking to inspire children and equip them with the skills they need at their next school, should they wish to take the subject further.

We run a club at lunchtime for those who have caught the DT bug and want to start their own individual projects. We always make time for children who need or want more time to complete their class projects, or are working towards DT scholarships. Also, …Breaking News…we are just launching a new ‘Dulwich Young Entrepreneurs’ club for those Year 7 & 8 children who can’t wait to design, make and sell products. The next Branson, Dyson or Sugar could be here soon!