Learning Support

“We never under estimate the significance of the right intervention at the right time.”

Learning Support is an invaluable and integral resource designed to help our children fulfil their extraordinary potential.

Children do not all learn in the same way or at the same speed all of the time, especially when they are very young and developing at an exciting pace. Intervention, sometimes seemingly very small, can make a huge difference to self confidence and a child’s life long attitude to learning. Our teaching and learning support teams work together seamlessly from the offset to effect the best outcomes for all our children.

Our Learning Support department offers a nurturing framework which underpins the foundations of learning for children in Nash House through to Upper School. We closely monitor and evaluate children’s progress, sometimes recommending an external referral to diagnose a specific learning difficulty, in order to identify and assess whether a child would benefit from additional learning support and what form that might take.

We teach children with many different learning profiles and abilities and make every effort to offer the right level of invaluable support at the right times. This can come in many guises, from using multi-sensory techniques to teach reading and spelling, offering help with handwriting or providing individual and small group work for maths reinforcement, changing the layout of a classroom, teaching touch typing, through to providing a reader and/or scribe in exams where this is required.

Teaching is differentiated to meet the need of individual children, helping each child apply practical learning strategies, providing opportunities to build self-confidence to shine and reach their full potential.

There is no additional charge for learning support and this enables us to advocate support for every child according to need. A systematic approach to reviewing learning enables parents to engage in their child’s progress throughout the year.