Gifted and talented

We are ambitious for all our children. We encourage everyone to aim high and be the very best they can be and to surpass their own expectations.

Our curriculum is rich, broad and dynamic and designed to inspire and challenge every child within the classroom and beyond. We are always seeking opportunities for children to extend and deepen their learning.


We offer stimulating and rigorous Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport and D.T. scholarship programmes in Year 7 & 8, where children will often master their specialism to the equivalent of GCSE standard. (click here to find more about scholarships)

We start setting children from Year 2 in maths, to enable all children to be challenged in their learning, at an appropriate pace. In Year 8, 25% of children are preparing for academic scholarships

We want every child with a passion for a subject to develop their interest with dynamic enthusiasm and we embrace an individualised love of learning driven from within. No opportunity is missed to extend a child’s passion for a subject and every child is given the chance to shine, whatever their level.

In Little Stream we build in many opportunities for oral, organisational, imaginative, risk taking, musical, sporting and dramatic extension, alongside the more traditional academic extension. We ensure those identified as being Gifted or Talented are challenged and succeeding.

In Upper School, all academic subjects hold weekly clinics during break, lunchtimes and after school, where teachers and children can to look to solve particularly demanding and thought provoking problems.

Throughout the school children are invited to challenge themselves and compete in a whole tranche of external competitions and awards from Independent Public Speaking, Junior Maths Challenge, National Science Award, Drama competitions and Associated Board Music and ESB exams.

Over the last three years our children have won over 100 scholarships including the top academic awards to both Tonbridge and Benenden Girls.