Upper School

Miss Carolina Alonso

Head of Modern Languages, Form Teacher Year 8 and Non-Resident Boarding Tutor

Mrs Frances Bourne

Head of US Music, Teacher (Music) US & NH and Year 8 Tutor

Miss Hannah Carter

Drama Director in Residence

Mlle Anne Chappaz

Teacher (French), Resident Boarding Tutor and Year 6 Form Teacher

Liz Coleman

PE and Games Teacher

Mr Ian Collins

PE & Games, Outdoor Ed Co-ordinator and Year 8 Tutor

Mrs Carol Ann Dart

Head of English, Head of Year 6 and Year 6 Form Teacher

Mrs Hester de Wet

Head of LS PE & Games, Teacher (PE & Games)

Mr Stephen Dove

SMT Assistant Head Academic, Teacher (English)

Mrs Alison Eckersley

SMT Assistant Head Welfare, DSL and Head of SEND

Ms Lizzie Fenton

Head of Geography, Geography Teacher and Year 5 Form Teacher

Mrs Charlotte Greenwood

Head of Girls PE & Games, PE & Games Teacher

Mr Mark Howgill

Head of DT, Head of PSHCEE and Year 7 Tutor

Mr Philip Middleton

Head of Science and Teacher (Science US)

Dr Leo Mitchell

Head of Latin, Head of Year 7 and Teacher (Latin & English)

Miss Lizzie Pearmine

Art Teacher

Mrs Clare Pepler

Director of Music, Head of Strings and iSpace Co-ordinator

Mrs Milly Potter

Teacher (English), Librarian and Year 7 Tutor

Mrs Phillipa Sarton

Teacher (Maths & Learning Support), Year 7 Form Teacher and Year 7 Tutor

Mr Michael Schuldt

Teacher (Maths), Year 6 Form Teacher, Student Supervisor and Community Liaison

Mr Neville Sheridan

Head of Computing, IT Teacher and Year 5 Form Teacher

Miss Lydia Spearink

Art Technician

Mrs Kate Westcott

Director of Creative Arts and Year 8 Tutor

Mr Ian White

Head of Maths, Maths Teacher and Year 6 Form Teacher

Mrs Clemency Whiting

SMT Assistant Head Co-Curricular, Head of Year 8

Mr Thomas Wigram

Head of History, History Teacher and Year 8 Form Teacher