Upper School

Miss Carolina Alonso

Head of Modern Languages, Form Teacher Year 8 and Non-Resident Boarding Tutor

Mrs Frances Bourne

Head of US Music, Teacher (Music) US & NH and Year 8 Tutor

Miss Hannah Carter

Drama Director in Residence

Mlle Anne Chappaz

Teacher (French), Resident Boarding Tutor and Year 6 Form Teacher

Liz Coleman

PE and Games Teacher

Mr Ian Collins

PE & Games, Outdoor Ed Co-ordinator and Year 8 Tutor

Mrs Carol Ann Dart

Head of English, Head of Year 6 and Year 6 Form Teacher

Mrs Hester de Wet

Head of LS PE & Games, Teacher (PE & Games)

Mr Richard de Wet

Head of P.E. and Games

Mr Stephen Dove

SMT Assistant Head Academic, Teacher (English)

Mrs Alison Eckersley

SMT Assistant Head Welfare, DSL and Head of SEND

Ms Lizzie Fenton

Head of Geography, Geography Teacher and Year 5 Form Teacher

Mrs Charlotte Greenwood

Head of Girls PE & Games, PE & Games Teacher

Mr Mark Howgill

Head of DT, Head of PSHCEE and Year 7 Tutor

Mr Philip Middleton

Head of Science and Teacher (Science US)

Dr Leo Mitchell

Head of Latin, Head of Year 7 and Teacher (Latin & English)

Mrs Clare Pepler

Director of Music, Head of Strings and iSpace Co-ordinator

Mrs Milly Potter

Teacher (English), Librarian and Year 7 Tutor

Mrs Phillipa Sarton

Teacher (Maths & Learning Support), Year 7 Form Teacher and Year 7 Tutor

Mr Michael Schuldt

Teacher (Maths), Year 6 Form Teacher, Student Supervisor and Community Liaison

Mr Neville Sheridan

Head of Computing, IT Teacher and Year 5 Form Teacher

Miss Lydia Spearink

Art Technician

Mrs Kate Westcott

Director of Creative Arts and Year 8 Tutor

Mr Ian White

Head of Maths, Maths Teacher and Year 6 Form Teacher

Mrs Clemency Whiting

SMT Assistant Head Co-Curricular, Head of Year 8

Mr Thomas Wigram

Head of History, History Teacher and Year 8 Form Teacher